Wine Label Designers on Branding Bender at Bevmo

by Paula Sugarman

Just for fun, our design team took a field trip to Bevmo for a little visual spree. The assignment was to come back in 20 minutes with the wine label that caught our attention the most then tell us why in the blog. Like three kids in a candy shop, we ran from one aisle to another looking for the most of the most. Interestingly enough, one winery won kudos two out of three times. Here’s our take:

Sofia Riesling by Francis Ford Coppola Winery
This bottle was my favorite. It’s not so much the label, but the shape of this beautiful vessel that captivates my interest. No other Riesling on the shelf shows off the golden liquid in such a beautiful way. I had this bottle on my desk for about a week and people kept coming in and saying, “ooh”. There’s just something simple and beautiful about this shape that just draws out a visceral reaction.

Jodi Goes for FFC Too
A trip to the local wine shop is always good for inspiration. I like to see which wine labels jump out and which sit back quietly on the shelf, keeping their treasures hidden. Today’s most intriguing wine label would have to be Francis Ford Coppola’s Votre Santé. I’m always a sucker for a clever die cut. This one is beautifully crafted to perfectly wrap around the bottle. The intricacy makes it distinctive and memorable. The dainty whispering grape leaves suggests a light bodied wine. The French words Votre Santé mean “to your health”, a nice toast to French traditions.

Jen Says “Meet Paco & Lola”
A label for an Albariño from the heart of Spain’s Rías Baixas region, this is a party on the bottle. Polka dots at a party are generally more of a clown/balloon animal kind of party, but here it’s good, clean, modern fun. The blue applied to the capsule (very custom) really completes this package. It jumped out at me from the shelf, and I’m always attracted to a label you can see from across the room.

If you brought this in the box as a gift to a friend, they would wonder whether it was wine, hard liquor, or even perfume. Is this a communication fail or an iconoclastic packaging win? Either way, guaranteed you would have a conversation about it. How many designs can you say that about?

So there you have it, three designers, three different labels. Which one do you like the best?


Paula Sugarman is owner and creative director of Sugarman Design Group, a California graphic design studio specializing in brand identity, wine label design and food package design.



4 thoughts on “Wine Label Designers on Branding Bender at Bevmo

  1. Paula Post author

    That’s interesting Teresa, ya got perfume, huh?. In many ways you are THE market. Wine label designers are all ears when it comes to what you perceive.

  2. Teresa

    I want to purchase and drink the Sante. The polka dots are too kitsch for me and the Reisling looks like it could be perfume. Remember I know nothing but I do buy and drink volumes of wine :-)

  3. Dan Hughes

    Very nice post.

    I hope you are all doing well. I miss working with you. I am doing well and we’ll need to talk soon. I owe you a LinkedIn recommendation.


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